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Golder Games

  • With Golder Games, you no longer have to be a professional to make money playing video games.
  • Golder Games provide a comprehensive game economy that uses the power, trust, and transparency of blockchain to facilitate economic transactions both within, between, and beyond our games.
  • Unlike other attempts to crypto-monetise gameplay, we are not relying on others to create content. We are doing it ourselves. With Golder Games.
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  • The GOLDER (GLDR) is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like ether.
  • The GOLDER is both an in-game currency and an independent store of value for players and investors, alike.
  • Players stake GOLDER on their gameplay. They can win them from opponents, move them from one Golder Game to another, build their winnings, then cash in by withdrawing and selling their GOLDER on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Don’t be the hunted. Become the hunter. Take out your opponents and win their crypto in this exciting first-person shooter game.


Get ready for the demolition derby of the century! Destroy your competitors, win the race, take home the crypto.


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The Golder

  • The Golder Platform is your gateway to fun and winnings!
  • Choose which of our games you’d like to play to win tradeable GOLDER coins.

A Creators’

  • The Golder Platform will be open to game developers who want to add their games to our portfolio and be a part of the Golder Economy!
  • Use the Golder Platform to test, manage, and make money on the games you create.

Some of Our Advisors

Tom Frisina

Executive Advisor

With almost four decades as an industry leader in the interactive digital media world, Tom Frisina has an expansive career facilitating and advising a myriad of corporate clients on expanding their company’s economic and industry achievements – most recently as Executive Chairman of Tilting Point – a private equity funded and leading publisher within the mobile gaming industry. Tom also founded a division at Electronic Arts (EA) entitled EA Partners while serving as its senior vice-president and general manager. The division is known for such global hit franchises as Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, and Rock Band. Tom’s past roles include board advisor to Bally Technologies of the casino gaming arena in the area of third-party product development. He is an advisory board member at Imagination Park Entertainment – an emerging leader in augmented reality. He is also executive advisor today and past chairman of thatgamecompany – winner of the 2013 Game of the Year Award for its hit title Journey, and the company behind Apple’s soon-to-be-explosive new iOS mobile game, SKY.

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Benjamin Tershana

Marketing & Business Development Advisor

Ben brings 22+ years of sales, marketing, and development experience to the team. He’s spent 16 years focusing on the games business and has been a major revenue contributor at Electronic Arts, IGN, GameSpy, and many other mobile and social media startups. Currently he is head of gaming at InMobi – a global mobile marketing platform that helps mobile game developers drive revenue and grow their app user community.

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Tim Campbell

Game Design Advisor

Tim is a game design expert with over 22 years of experience in AAA game development at companies like BlizzardWestwoodElectronic Arts, and OtherSide. In addition to contributing to well-known franchises like WarcraftCommand & ConquerDungeon Siege, and System Shock, he has also spent years in independent development, building teams and technology for online competitive play. Tim’s past roles have included lead designer, design director, and executive producer positions, and he has developed deep expertise in all aspects of game design, including level, system, progression, economy, and narrative design. He is passionate about building games that bring players from around the world closer together and advises teams on all aspects of game design and user experience.

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James Dillon

Production Advisor

James is a production expert with 25 years of experience. He has worked with major games publishers including EA Mobile, where he headed up world-wide production, Square-Enix Mobile as production director, game producer with Sony PlayStation, and manager of Orange France Telecom’s games platform.

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Adalberto Bruno

Technical Advisor

Adalberto is a mobile platforms and digital ecosystems expert, a gaming industry veteran, and a VR/AR pioneer. CTO of various technology companies, he was also technical director with Electronic Arts for 8 years, working on multiple successful mobile games.

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Dylan Sharkey

Executive Advisor

Dylan is an experienced technology executive who was instrumental in raising over $20 million for the blockchain projects he has worked on. He joined LinkedIn before their $350 million IPO in 2011. As LinkedIn’s head of sales solutions for the Middle East and North Africa, he helped launch their Dubai office and grew it from 3 employees to over 100.

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Alexei Zhurba

Security & Platform Advisor

Alexei has broad knowledge of business and technology, including platforms, MMO games, information security, product management, marketing, and brand management. His 15+ years of experience include numerous projects with IBM security products and stints as product manager and director at Wargaming.net and several start-ups.

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Andriy Sharanevych

Networking and Connections Advisor

Andriy is an experienced executive and entrepreneur with over 20-years’ experience in the gaming industry. He has founded several companies that created more than 50 games of various genres for PCs, consoles, web, and mobile. Co-founder and CEO of Rockspro – a developer of premium software and games for social and iGaming verticals – Andriy is also founder and organiser of the Crypto Games Conference – a semi-annual international business event designed for blockchain gaming professionals. Andriy is an enthusiastic networker and frequent guest at major gaming conferences and meetups around the world.

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